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"Tell your boss it is defiantly worth archiving the data. I really appreciate receiving these results again. I thought they were lost forever. Thanks for the quick and timely manner in which you returned these results to me."
- C. C.

"Great work! - I will refer your service to several associates. Thanks!"

“I am writing to tell you about a case that I recently worked on that involved multiple identities. My agency was conducting an investigation on a subject in regards to possible insurance fraud. It was clear that the subject’s standard of living was not consistent with his reported income and assets. After running a gold package profile on the subject using his reported Social Security number, I discovered that a second individual, with a similar date of birth and different first name, came up in several locations. On checking this second individual, we discovered that our subject had a complete second identity, which included a second driver’s license, a second income stream, and a felony criminal record. I turned the completed report over to a very happy client who plans to use this data in an upcoming deposition. I cannot tell you how pleased I am with your company, your customer service, and the amount of data available. Keep up the good work.”
-Bill S., Private Investigator

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